Nonofo Joel

Nonofo Joel

Nonofo Joel, Head of Growth at Fine Media, is an inbound marketing expert committed to business innovation and success. As Part of his work, he helps companies choose the best hosting options ideal for their business. He passionately advances human capital development across Africa as a dedicated volunteer on the Lehikeng Board.
Requirements for WordPress Servers

The Top 6 Requirements for a WordPress Server

Explore the top six server requirements crucial for running a WordPress website effectively. From up-to-date PHP versions and secure database options to SSL certificates and reliable server uptime, find out what your WordPress hosting needs to maintain peak performance and security.
What is Website Security

What is Website Security?

Website security is an often neglected area of website design and hosting. Protecting websites and checking their security, threats, and risks is a serious business. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start from the basics. Nearly anyone who owns a…